Plato's Republic is the book you have been reading and analyzing for the past three months. YOu should know the concepts, how they relate to each other, and how this book relates to your life, your society, and your world.
Many of the conclusions presented in the Republic may seem, with two-and-a-half thousand years of hindsight, plain weird or silly. But the point is not to agree with the ideas, but to look at the method : a precise process of honest, deliberate, careful looking for absolute answers. This method has been, and remains, the one great distinguishing feature of the European way of thinking. The great search for 'Forms' underlies the impossible search for perfection which has given rise to Western science, politics, psychology, education and much of its warring history. You don't have to believe we can ever reach the forms, or that they even exist, but you should appreciate the attempt, and see that we still strive for answers in much the same way.

Although we read plato in a linear fashion, the more efficient and more appropriate way of thinking about what you learn is thematically. Indeed, the divisions between the different books are not based on separate ideas and arguments, but on the amount of writing that a papyrus scroll (what people used to write on 2500 years ago) could hold.


psychology (soul)

Linear Analysis

Famous allegories and metaphors:

Ring of Gyges
Captain and the Ship
Divided Line
Allegory of the Cave
Man, lion, and Beast

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