Yay, Philosophy!

That's right, this is the place for you to do EVEN MORE philosophy than before. I'll post class notes, links to external ressources, and create spaces for discussion. If you have ideas about what could make it better, feel free to email me, or talk to me in class :)

Plato's Republic:

One of the seminal works of Western Philosophy, a text that has lived on for over 2500 years, and a standard text for introducing students to philosophical issues. The Republic deals with all branches of philosophy, be it epistemology, ethics, Metaphysics, Esthetics, or Political Philosophy.

Sure, but it's SOOO old, so why read it now?

It turns out people don't change all that fast. Many of the issues that concern us most today are addressed in the Republic. What's the best government? What kind of education should you try and get? When can you say you know something? Why should I be just if I don't have to? How can you become the philosopher king (or queen)?
It's on the IB exam.

Aristotle's Nichomachean Ethics

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